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Basics of Keyboard Theory 

  • Follows theory requirements of 2012 MTAC Certificate of Merit®* Piano Syllabus
  • Levels Preparatory through Ten workbooks and Answer Book available
  • Each level reviews old material and introduces new concepts
  • Clear, easy to understand explanation of skills with practice drills
  • Application of new concepts to repertoire from the level
  • Multi-chapter reviews and final test include drills and analysis



Ear Training Basics 

  • Separate student and teacher books provide the framework for a collaborative learning experience that takes the guesswork out of teaching ear training
  • Teacher Book includes activities to be completed at the lesson, teaching tips, and answers for the student home assignments
  • Student Books include worksheets for lesson time, and a CD for home assignments
  • Levels Preparatory through 7 now available


Julie Johnson’s Guide to AP Music Theory

  • Follows requirements of the College Board Advanced Placement** Music Theory exam
  • Clear, easy to understand explanation of theory elements
  • Application of concepts to musical excerpts
  • Drills, analysis and multiple choice questions
  • Ear training and sight singing
  • CD and answers included


*Certificate of Merit™ is an evaluation program of the Music Teachers’ Association of California.  Reference to ‘Certificate of Merit™’ (CM) does not imply endorsement by MTAC of this product.

**AP and Advanced Placement are trademarks registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.